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House-to-House Groups

Posted by scott on October 4, 2017


Our House-to-House Groups here at Hillside are an integral part of where we are heading as a community. We know that our Sunday mornings cannot possibly provide the depth of learning, fellowship, and care needed to fully follow Jesus in this quickly changing world. We know that we were created to experience life with other people and our House-to-House groups help make this a reality. Click here for a .pdf guide for House-to-House Group ministry.

What is a House-to-House Group?

Our House-to-House Groups are groups of three or more people who gather each week in a home, workplace, or online. These are more than just social groups because they are keenly focussed on our five aims.

What Happens in a House-to-House Group?

Very simply, in a House-to-House Group, you’ll fellowship, care for one another, worship together, learn together, and pray together.

Fellowship: Fellowship is just a fancy word for building relationships. In our House-to-House Groups, we hope people find common ground, share interests and develop meaningful relationships with one another.

Discipleship: This goal of our House-to-House ministry is that we would all be driven deeper in our following of Jesus - that our rootedness in Jesus would increase. As we learn together, we’ll hold each other accountable for the application of our learning.

Ministry: House-to-House Groups allow people to serve according to their gifting. Are you hospitable? Perhaps you can host a group. Are you an encourager? This might be your role within the group. Do you have a musical gift? Maybe you could organize worship for your group. House-to-House Groups are a great place to test one’s ministry gifting.

Evangelism: Our hope is that as our House-to-House Groups grow and develop, they will serve as first contact opportunities with the Hillside community for one’s friends, family and neighbours.

Worship: Our House-to-House Groups will provide opportunities for the worship of God outside of our Sunday morning services. Each day is a day that the Lord has made; we’ll rejoice and be glad each time we come together.

What Does a House-to-House Group Meeting Look Like?

Our aim is to allow our House-to-House Groups to organize organically; you might decide that a longer meal portion might fit the desires of your group or an extended period of prayer might fit with the make-up of your group. Though we encourage natural organization, we are strongly encouraging that all five of these aspects are a part of any House-to-House Group.

A. SHARE: 30 minutes of fellowship - food and conversation

B. CARE: 10 minutes of weekly check in and encouragement

C. PRAYER: 10 minutes of sharing and prayer

D. LEARN: 30 minutes of worship, learning and discussion

E. COMMIT: 5 minutes of wrap-up




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