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Service Cancellation

Posted by scott on April 14, 2018

attention.jpgPlease note that due to the wonderful icy winter weather and the forecast throughout the night and into tomorrow morning, we've decided to cancel our service tomorrow morning (April 15, 2018) rather than cause any risk to your safety trying to get to church. 

In lieu of attending the service, we ask that you take a few minutes tomorrow morning to pray for three church families of your choice. This way we can continue to act as the body of Christ, even though we will not be gathered in the same room together. 

Please pass this information along to any other attendees of Hillside Church whom you may speak with. We look forward to seeing you again on Sunday, April 22nd here at Hillside!

Thanks, stay safe and warm, and perhaps you can host a neighbourhood "shovelling party" tomorrow. Be blessed.